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Relationship Repair Intensives

90-minute sessions to deep dive and repair the ruptures in your relationship .

Do you often feel unheard and misunderstood? Does it seem like you and your parter struggle to understand why the other reacts and responds the way that they do? 

The love is there, but the relationship just feels draining sometimes.

Imagine what it would be like if you could have a deeper knowledge about yourself and your partner that allowed you both to communicate from a place that feels grounded and secure. You would move through conversations and differences of opinion with openness, curiosity, and respect for one another. 


90-minute Relationship Repair Intensives provide you with the opportunity to experience a deep dive into repairing the ruptures in your relationship. I will help each of you to learn about the deep-seated beliefs and feelings that may be influencing the way that you show up in relationships. I will help you both to increase your self awareness, while also gaining a greater understanding and compassion for your partner's perspective. 

You all will also be provided with grounding tools and skills for improved communication in this process.

I'm Trish Bertrand, and I would love to help you and your partner increase safety, security, and connection in your relationship.

Please contact me to schedule your free 20-minute consultation call to see if we may work well together. 

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