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Couples Weekend Workshop

October 14th & 15th, 2023
             10am - 1pm

Women Holding Hands

Do you feel that you have a basic understanding of how you and your partner could communicate better, but when conflict or challenges arise, nothing seems to work? 

Do you sometimes feel that the two of you have the same arguments over and over?

Do you wish that you could gain better control of your emotions so that you can communicate in a way that brings clarity and connection rather than division?

This weekend workshop will provide you with the tools to learn more about the patterns that you and your partner may be stuck in, how to shift the patterns, calm your emotions, and improve communication and emotional connection.

You will have time to practice the tools discussed during the workshop with my guidance. 

Only 4 couples will be welcomed to this workshop to allow for individual guidance and assistance in practicing tools and communication techniques. 

The equivalent of six therapy session in 2 days

Cost: $270 per couple

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