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Holistic, Integrative Therapy for Adults and Couples

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Have you experienced difficulties in your life that you haven't had time to slow down and heal from? Are you beginning to notice that some of your current challenges within yourself, and in your relationships may be tied to past painful experiences and/or trauma? You are self-aware; you see the patterns, but you need help figuring out what to do about it. 

I help women who feel like there is something missing. Maybe you sometimes wonder if you even know yourself as well as you should. It also may seem like your friendships and/or romantic relationships are more of a challenge than they should be. Can you allow anyone to really see you? Can you truly see yourself?  You sometimes may experience anxiety, and/or depression, and feel a little lost in knowing what is next for you. You may need help learning how to regulate your emotions and to communicate from a calm and centered space. Or, you may need help learning to notice what you feel, and to advocate for yourself.  


I create space for you to process past experiences and attain self-discovery, meaning, purpose, and balanced relationships as you move into the future.



I also have a passion for working with couples because this is where our emotional wounds often show up. I will help you to deepen your self-compassion, approach your partner with openness and curiosity, increase connection, and improve overall communication. 

I worked as an RN for 19 years before becoming a therapist. For this reason, I also have a great passion for working with medical and other helping professionals, who often forget to extend the same care that they give to others to themselves. 

I want to assure you that I provide a safe, and accepting space for people of all communities and backgrounds. I will encourage, support, and challenge you when it is beneficial to you. I will help you to  feel comfortable utilizing new ways of thinking, responding, and accessing tools that will help you begin to see the positive changes and relief that you are looking for. 


Areas of Focus

Emotional Neglect
Relationship to Self
Support Through Seasons of Change
Christian Counseling
Personal Growth
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How I Can Help

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  • EMDR Therapy - Used to help you target and reprocess deep-seated beliefs and memories that are hindering you from living life the way that you would like to live.


  • ART Therapy - Helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and emotional dysregulation by shifting the way your brain has stored past difficulties.


  • Meditation & Mindfulness Practices - Helps to train your brain to stay in the present moment for longer periods of time.  


Contact Me


7264 Glenview Dr. Building A

Richland Hills, TX 76180

Tel: 817-523-1023 (call or text)

I believe that finding the right therapist is a vital part of your healing journey. For this reason, I offer a free 15 - minute phone consultation for you to see if you and I may work well together.


You are welcome to book a consultation call by using the "15-minute consultation call" box below the contact form, or you may complete the contact form to get in touch with me.


I look forward to connecting with you! 

Thank you for your submission! I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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